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This is an absolute delight to see gorgeous Mistress Kenzie letting her pet to worship her ass. She controls his tongue tributes in her holy altar when she buries his face in her ass. The obedient slave though humiliated begs more for the privilege to lick, suck her glory holes.

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Mia & Lilu

Well, they are surely not going to content themselves with trampling the motherfucker cause their little pussies need being licked clean. Watch them push his twitching face into each other's sweet slits...

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Bossy lady Evelina in a kinky series wherein her pet strives to satisfy her lusts. Her body is the shrine he worships with utmost devotion serving her every need. He humbly licks and sucks her sacred holes, and she builds to yet another orgasm feeling a power over him she will never give up.

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Maya & Lisa

The guy could have been called fuckface before, but it's Maya and Katya who bring a new meaning to the word. Naked, juicy, careless girls have fun with their victim making him fuck their twats with his face and use his mouth with some raw cunt rubbing.

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Jynx makes the slave to kiss her beautiful feet. And is holding a baseball bat in hands, she keeps it on ready near slave's head. Therefore, he has to unquestioningly complete every desire of his mistress. After her feet he has to please mistress's pussy.

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Anna & Mara

When you earn the honor of being subdued by Anna and Mara, you will realize it was worth it. Imagine yourself buried under their thick, tasty butts, you are guaranteed to pop an instant submissive boner. The ladies are more interested in using your face, however!

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er love hole is almost fully hidden under a thick carpet of pubic hair and she is never reluctant to make her boy toys munch that carpet. It tickles and stings but who the hell cares?! She just needs to get her pussy licked clean and cum - whatever it takes!

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Sofiya & Olesya

Whipped and humiliated by Inga and Olesya, however mean they are, is a real gift. Just have a look at the two chic-looking mistresses, hot as hell and just as mean. Refined nylon and kinky, quality-made SM gear turn this facesitting session into eye candy.

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Just look at all the fine babes we have here. You have to deserve the right to lick her from below. Work hard, be a good boy, and maybe one of them will rub her royal crotch against your face. You have to earn this grace, and you will never forget this fetish experience.

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Watch male heads and faces used as mere fuck toys by young superior females. Facesitting, toying, femdom threesomes, it's all here, and more. You will be amazed to see how resourceful these young Russian nymphomaniacs are. And of course, they are all naked and heavenly beautiful.